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What are some simple ways to make money online?

What are some simple ways to make money online?

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Following are some simple ways to make money online:

Blogging: You can easily make some handsome amount of money but it takes time to build a reputable blog.

Affiliate Marketing: It is one of the easiest ways of making passive income. You have to be an authority in that niche, in which you want to offer affiliate products or services. Like Shopify is offering an Affiliate program, when some affiliate shares their link and then someone buys a Shopify plan with that link, then Shopify pays some commission to their affiliates. Check the Shopify website here for more info.

Dropshipping: It is also one way of making good money. In this, you just need a website (store) in Shopify or WordPress. I would recommend Shopify for Dropshipping. (Get your 14 Days Free Trial of Shopify here).

Amazon FBA: You can also make some huge amounts of money via Amazon doing FBA. I would recommend you to follow the Jungle Scout blog and Youtube channel for learning more about Amazon FBA.

WordPress Website: You can also make a good amount of money by making WordPress websites. Don’t worry about the coding issues as using Elementor Pro and Visual Composer, you don’t need a single line of code to write. It’s all drag-and-drop features here. Check out the Elementor Pro and Visual Composer websites for more info. I would also recommend to check out the Divi theme here.

Checkout some the tools that are must for a Freelancer here: 

And there are many more ways you can make money online.

Also, check out some of the great tools and resources here for more clarity.

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